“These stories are sweet and satisfying and so well told.
K. C. Ireton achieves something substantial in these brief tales: she reveals the true power and weight of kindness.”      —Christie Purifoy, author of Placemaker and Garden Maker

In the title story, set in the 1980’s in England, American college student Maggie discovers a stash of sonnets in the attic of her great-grandmother’s Herefordshire home and sets out to unravel the mystery of their authorship, finding friendship and love along the way.

Four additional stories round out this debut fiction collection. Whether depicting the affection of a daughter for her mother, the love of a woman for her husband, the friendship of women in community, or the simple kindness of a stranger, these stories are quiet and gladsome tales of ordinary people learning to trust and love in extraordinary ways.

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Anxious No More

You don’t have to live with chronic anxiety. You don’t have to live hurried and harried. You don’t have to live in fear. You can live with more peace and more joy.

In Anxious No More, K. C. Ireton outlines eight habits that freed her from two decades of chronic anxiety. She shows how embracing these eight practices can help you, too, to step into a life of freedom and joy. As you learn how to mind the gap, silence the harpies, and lash yourself to the mast (plus five other habits), you’ll begin to inhabit the love of God, journey from anxiety to freedom, and experience peace and joy like you’ve never known before.

“A biblically and theologically sound approach to healthy embodied spiritual practices.”
—Fr. Steve Tompkins, Holy Trinity Edmonds

The Circle of Seasons

The church year is a uniquely Christian way of marking time. When K. C. Ireton began to understand this, even the most ordinary moments of her life began to resonate with the stories of Scripture. In this book, she traces the circle of the liturgical yearfrom Advent to Ordinary Timedescribing the origin of each season and its ongoing relevance for our lives. The Circle of Seasons presents a simple and traditional way of building your life around your faith, rather than the other way around.

“Beautiful words, deep thoughts…speak my language of rhythm and liturgy and make me yearn for more God. The Circle of Seasons shows us how to keep company with Jesus.”
—Ann Voskamp, author, One Thousand Gifts

Cracking Up

At midlife, some men want a Beemer. K.C.’s husband wants a baby. Another one.

K.C. doesn’t. She already has two kids, her first book just hit bookstore shelves, and the only baby she wants to birth now is the young adult novel she’s worked on for six years. After nine months of trying—and failing—to land an agent for her novel, K.C. finds out she’s pregnant. With twins.

By turns hilarious and heart-breaking, this debut memoir takes you on a roller coaster ride of hormonal disequilibrium, professional disappointment, hellacious sleep-deprivation, and the black pit of postpartum depression—only to bring you laughing back to the light.

If you’ve ever wondered where God is in the mess of your upended life, come along with K.C. as she learns a whole lot about clinging to God (mostly by her fingernails) and finding grace and goodness in the darkest of life’s corners.

“A boldly honest story, by a gifted writer, of God’s enduring faithfulness.”
Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol