“…stories of the kind I like best—stories that yield even more empathy and humanity upon a second and third reading, whose settings and characters make me want to pay a neighborly visit again and again.”
—Amy Baik Lee, author of This Homeward Ache

In the title story, set in the 1980’s in England, American college student Maggie discovers a stash of sonnets in the attic of her great-grandmother’s Herefordshire home and sets out to unravel the mystery of their authorship, finding friendship and love along the way.

Four additional stories round out this debut fiction collection. Whether depicting the affection of a daughter for her mother, the love of a woman for her husband, the friendship of women in community, or the simple kindness of a stranger, these stories are quiet and gladsome tales of ordinary people learning to trust and love in extraordinary ways.

“Only K. C. Ireton could make a contemporary story sound like a classic. This was so lovely to read.”
—Jody L. Collins, author of Hearts on Pilgrimage and Mining the Bright Birds

What people are saying about A Yellow Wood and Other Stories:

These stories are sweet and satisfying and so well told.
K. C. Ireton achieves something substantial in these brief tales: she reveals the true power and weight of kindness…. I turned the final page with enormous gratitude for this reminder that a quiet life is not incompatible with a fruitful life.

Christie Purifoy

author, Placemaker and Gardenmaker

K.C. Ireton brings a particular quality of beauty to life in A Yellow Wood and Other Stories: the beauty of grace….She restores my love of short fiction, and utterly captivates me with her title story….What a beautiful, gracious work this is! 

Lancia E. Smith

Publisher & Executive Director, Cultivating Oaks Press, LLC.

In A Yellow Wood and Other Stories, K. C. Ireton…draws our attention to the power of small gestures of love and kindness, leaving them to sink in and take root long after we’ve closed the book. This collection is well worth befriending, and I recommend it with delight.

Amy Baik Lee

author, This Homeward Ache