Emily Dickinson called it the thing with feathers. She said it sings the song inside your soul. She said it never stops at all.

But what if that little feathered thing is never fed? What if she has nothing to drink? How will she sing with an empty belly and a parched throat?

Saint Paul said it was one of the three things that remain, that only love is greater.

But what if there is no love? How will the little bird sing if no one loves her enough to feed her, water her, comb her failing feathers?

The Psalmist said it was found in God. His word for it also means “wait.”

But what if you’ve been waiting for months or even years? What if your little bird has fallen dumb from exhaustion and hunger and thirst and disease?

What do you do then?


My kids and I are privileged enough to sponsor a child through Compassion International. Her name is Irsy. She lives in Guatemala, and she’s the same age as my Jane.

For $38 a month, Compassion provides Irsy with meals, medical and dental care, education, and a safe place to learn and grow. For $38 a month, Compassion provides Irsy and her family with hope—hope that their impoverished present will not translate into an impoverished future, hope that their future—Irsy’s future—will be different and better than their present.

This month there are 2,301 children like Irsy waiting for hope. For a mere $38, you can set the feathered thing singing in a child’s soul again.

Won’t you sign up today to sponsor a child?

Photo credits:
Bird: KevinAKACharlie. Used by permission, Creative Commons via Flickr.
Girl: Compassion International blog, September 9, 2013.