creamy petals cup
yellow stamens, nestle in
leafy mandorlas

fragrance flowers faint
from closed buds about to burst—
scent of oranges

I keep counting the endless gifts, giving thanks to the Giver for each grace:

2682. The beautiful wedding of two beautiful people

2683. A reminder of my own marriage vows

2684. Fun with words (ooh, just wait till tomorrow!)

2685. Eric Metaxas (author of Amazing Grace) retweeted me! (Should I really admit how delighted I am over something so…banal?)

2686. A cup of iced tea (ginger peach. yum.)

2687. Naked babies happily shrieking and playing in the spray from the garden hose

2688. A whole morning of conversation with a dear friend

2689. Another delightful book to read with Jane

2690. Laughing with a friend over the fig crisp that her daughter, Diya, made with Jack and Jane, using figs from our tree: “Be careful of pebbles,” Diya said. “We mashed the figs outside on a rock.” Despite the grass blades and occasional rock-bit, the crisp was pretty good. And not just for laughs.

2691. The terrible sound of the doors of Cirith Ungol clanging shut with Frodo inside and Sam outside: we finished The Two Towers!

2692. The sky was beautiful tonight. I chased it.

Your turn: What are you thankful for?

Please list three or four (or ten!) things for which you’re grateful down in the comment box. Let’s lift up a hymn of grateful praise to the Giver of all good gifts!

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Linking today with Ann Voskamp, who inspired the gift list in the first place.