Cracking Up

At midlife, some men want a Beemer. K.C.’s husband wants a baby. Another one.

K.C. doesn’t. She already has two kids, her first book just hit bookstore shelves, and the only baby she wants to birth now is the young adult novel she’s worked on for six years. After nine months of trying—and failing—to land an agent for her novel, K.C. finds out she’s pregnant. With twins.

By turns hilarious and heart-breaking, this debut memoir takes you on a roller coaster ride of hormonal disequilibrium, professional disappointment, hellacious sleep-deprivation, and the black pit of postpartum depression—only to bring you laughing back to the light.

If you’ve ever wondered where God is in the mess of your upended life, come along with K.C. as she learns a whole lot about clinging to God (mostly by her fingernails) and finding grace and goodness in the darkest of life’s corners.

“A boldly honest story, by a gifted writer, of God’s enduring faithfulness.”
Jennifer Dukes Lee

What people are saying about Cracking Up:

A beautifully written, often painfully honest account of trying to pay attention to God through the rigors of motherhood, this is less a book about parenting children and more about God’s parenting of us. It will help you pay attention to your life.

Dan Baumgartner

Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

K. C. Ireton’s memoir is evocative and honest, modeling a deep prayer life and joyful obedience to God. She gives us the privilege of an intimate look into a year of her life. We hear her heartbeat, and we draw near to God with her

Lynne M. Baab

Author, Joy Together and Sabbath Keeping

A fearlessly honest memoir. K.C. Ireton recounts her journey through postpartum depression with humor and humility. I laughed and cried, and found a kindred soul within these pages.

Kris Camealy

Author, Holey, Wholly, Holy and Everything is Yours

K.C. Ireton writes a boldly honest story that reads like a confession. Her book is a persistent digging to find the light…a story of God’s enduring faithfulness, and it is a revelation of the Father’s love for her, and for all of us.

Jennifer Dukes Lee

Author, Love Idol