The Circle of Seasons

The church year is a uniquely Christian way of marking time. When K. C. Ireton began to understand this, even the most ordinary moments of her life began to resonate with the stories of Scripture. In this book, she traces the circle of the liturgical yearfrom Advent to Ordinary Timedescribing the origin of each season and its ongoing relevance for our lives. The Circle of Seasons presents a simple and traditional way of building your life around your faith, rather than the other way around.

“Beautiful words, deep thoughts…speak my language of rhythm and liturgy and make me yearn for more God. The Circle of Seasons shows us how to keep company with Jesus.”
—Ann Voskamp, author, One Thousand Gifts

What people are saying about The Circle of Seasons:

The Circle of Seasons is an invitation into a more human and more divinely ordinary way of life.

Tim Dearborn

Director, World Vision International

If you want to breathe fresh air and drink in much grace, these beautifully crafted words offer you a feast.

Winn Collier

Author, Restless Faith and Holy Curiosity

…a very accessible and enormously appealing overview of the Church’s liturgical year.

Phyllis Tickle

Author, The Divine Hours

Accessible, readable, and personable, The Circle of Seasons is a way forward for our time.

Adele Calhoun

Author, The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook