This page includes both snippets of poems and references to poetry books and anthologies. I am no poetry expert, but I do enjoy the genre, and the more I read it, the more I enjoy it. In particular, I appreciate poetry’s unique capacity for compression and multivalence, and the fact that you simply cannot skim a poem. Poetry forces you to slow down because it will only reveal itself to you if you meet it on its terms, which are slow and attentive


A few verses from Diary of an Old Soul:

I sit o’ercanopied with Beauty’s tent,
Through which flies many a golden-winged dove,
Well-watched of Fancy’s tender eyes up bent;
A hundred Powers wait on me, ministering;
A thousand treasures Art and Knowledge bring;
Will, Conscience, Reason tower the rest above; 
But in the midst, alone, I gladness am and love.

‘Tis but a vision, Lord; I do not mean
That thus I am, or have one moment been–
‘Tis but a a picture hung upon my wall,
To measure dull contentment therewithal,
And know behind the human how I fall–
A vision true, of what one day shall be,
When thou has had thy very will with me.

–George MacDonald

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