You must imagine you are standing on a door stoop. My door stoop. The door is open, and I am welcoming you with a wide, warm smile, inviting you, “Come in, come in,” and ushering you into the library where a pot of tea awaits your arrival. Beside the cozy-covered teapot on the tea table sit milk and sugar, my grandmother’s teacups and saucers, and a plate of my husband’s homemade biscuits (the American kind), and a pot each of clotted cream and jam. Since we’re imagining all this, you can choose whatever flavor of tea and jam you like.

That is how I wish I could welcome you into my new online home. It is not a home, of course, only a website, but I hope it feels warm and inviting. I hope you’ll stay a bit and poke around. At the very least be sure to check out the shelves of the library; it’s a work in progress, but there are some good books there already.

If you don’t already keep company with me through my monthly News & Notes, please feel free to sign up in the sidebar or footer. And of course, I really do want this to be a conversation. It would be abominably rude if I invited you in and then did all the talking, so please don’t be shy about speaking up.

Finally, in an inconspicuous corner of the library is a small stash of my own books, the ones I wrote. Earlier this month, while visiting my parents, I found seven copies of The Circle of Seasons, which is out-of-print and rather rare. (You should see the prices they’re charging on Amazon!) I’d love to have them out in the world where they can be read, rather than languishing in my parents’ cupboard, so just shoot me an email if you want one. There are four brand new books ($20 each including shipping). The other three books are also brand new but two of them are inscribed (one to Katie; the other to Shannon and family) and one is missing the title page ($16 each including shipping). In your email, please include your mailing address and if and to whom you would like me to inscribe the book.

Thanks for visiting! I “lived” in my last website for almost ten years. I look forward to a decade in this one, and hope to see you here often!


Photo by Seb Cumberbirch on Unsplash.