Dear Friends,

When it rains it pours! After a month of not much activity on the publishing front, I have an essay and an interview out today, and a podcast interview last week.

First, the essay: Love and Adore is a reflection on Psalm 131, about living deeply rooted in the circle of God’s love, and how that leads us to adoration. Most of us need to remember again and again to remain like that weaned child on her mother’s breast, safe in the circle of the everlasting arms. That’s a lifetime’s lesson.

Second, the interview: Lancia Smith of The Cultivating Project asked me to be her featured writer for May. I was honored and flattered and, truth be told, puzzled. Why me? I still don’t know why she asked me, but I do know this: Lancia has a gift. Forget Barbara Walters. Lancia Smith knows how to interview people in such a way that they shine. When I read the interview, I hardly recognized myself. She made me look good, better than good, certainly better than I actually am. If you know me in real life, maybe don’t read this. You’ll think I’ve been holding out on you.

Third, the podcast interview: my dear friend Emily Allen launched a website in March and a podcast in May. She also has six children. Whom she homeschools. I’ll spare you all the other amazing things she does. If I didn’t love her so much, I’d be green with envy over her initiative, stamina, godliness, wisdom, and just general awesomeness. Her heart is full of love for others, and seems to be endless in capacity. I count myself blessed to call her friend and be enfolded in the circle of her capacious blessing. For her podcast, Emily and I talked about the out-of-doors life with children.

As always, friends, thank you for subscribing to my website. If you read the interview with Lancia, you will know how important you are to me. Even if you don’t, I want you to know that your faithfulness in reading is a large part of the reason I am still writing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

May you know today how high and wide and long and deep is Christ’s love for you.

With warmest gratitude,