Not too long ago, I stood in my kitchen with four small faces gazing up at me, waiting for me to give them instruction and guidance, and I knew in my bones:

I can’t do this.

That was not the first time those words had crossed my mind or pierced my heart. I am reminded, almost daily, that I am unequal to the tasks before me.

These children? I cannot raise them to be loving, faithful, and true…because I’m not.

This article? I can’t write it…there are too many deadlines and too little time.

This speech? I can’t give it…my words are dried to the roof of my mouth, and there’s no water in sight.

This relationship? I can’t love this person…I don’t even like him!

I can’t do this.

This is the second of my articles for The High Calling on Performance and Potential. If you want to know why a pull-quote from it got 247 likes on Facebook, you can read the rest of the article here. (Please don’t be alarmed if you hear maniacal laughter; it’s just that I find my 30 seconds of Facebook fame flippin’ funny.)