My friend Kris Camealy longs to glorify God. She wants to live in total surrender to God’s desire for her life. In fact, I’d say that “surrender” just might be Kris’s life word. Or maybe “relinquishment.”

Knowing that, you might be inclined to visualize her as a rather somber ascetic. You’d be wrong. Kris is serious about her faith, to be sure, but the more I grow up, the more I find that the people who are the most serious are also the most fun. Maybe that’s because they know just how indebted they are to grace, and it makes them rather giddy. Or maybe it’s because they see their own foibles and failings more clearly than other folks and are mature enough to laugh at themselves. I think both are true of Kris, which is probably why she’s so flipping much fun to talk to. We always laugh—a lot—when we Skype with each other.

Last year, Kris’s first book, Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement, came out just in time for Lent. Her love for Jesus shines through the pages, as does her longing for others to join her on the joyful, painful, wonderful journey of becoming more like Christ.

After being heckled by readers (I’m sure they were nice about it), Kris has written a companion workbook for Holey, Wholly, Holy. I will confess at the outset here that I’ve not read the whole thing. I will also confess that workbooks tend to leave me cold. They require something of you that mere reading does not.

But what I have read of Kris’s workbook reflects her longing for wholeness. Through her reflections and hard-yet-gentle questions she invites those of us who read and answer to join her on the journey into wholeness of life with Christ. Be forewarned: this is not a quick, easy read. But neither is the Christ-life a quick, easy journey. And that’s what Kris is getting at in these books: the Jesus Way, that path of life that leads through death. Not easy, but ultimately good.

As for me, I’m grateful that I get to count Kris a companion on the Way, a friend for the Journey. The Jesus-road is not always an easy path to tread, but it’s very, very good. Especially when you walk it with others.

If you’re looking for a devotional guide through Lent this year (Ash Wednesday is a mere three weeks away, on March 6), might I commend Kris’s book and workbook to you?