When I finally listen to the two messages—left on my phone yesterday from a number I don’t recognize—I realize I’ve blown it. It’s our new homeschool co-op director, she’s trying to get in touch with one of the other co-op moms, and it’s rather urgent.

Broken Robins Egg

I do this often, this waiting hours and even, as in this case, days, to check voice mail or email or text messages. Why have a smart phone if you’re just going to be an idiot about it? But I do, and I am.

I call her back right away, apologize for not calling her sooner. And then I tell her my toddler twins had hidden my phone. Even as the words are coming out of my mouth, I know I’m lying, but instead of shutting up, I keep talking, keep throwing my twins under the bus of my own irresponsibility.

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