This post is my first attempt at Five-Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa Jo Baker. The rules: write for five minutes in response to the prompt (in today’s case, the word fall) without editing, rewriting, revising.

And, well, my first time out, I cheated: I did a tiny bit of rewriting, changing some pronouns and the order of a line. But I think that’s okay?

Special thanks to Kris Camealy who introduced me to this challenge. Here goes.



Fall in love.
Fall from grace.
Fall off a cliff.
Fall of the year when the leaves turn gold and scarlet and saffron.
Fall of rain in the forest.
Fall of life when your body weakens, ages, but you’re still vibrant and alive.
Fall of tears on your face.
Fall of leaves from the plum trees in your backyard.
Fall of plums, rotting in the grass.
Fall of your child running, tripping, skinning her knee on the sidewalk.
Fall of your baby’s feet as he toddles to the kitchen to hug his dad.
Fall of water in the shower, soaking, restoring, as you scrub face, body, hair.
Fall of faith when the voices of doubt scream and it’s hard hard hard to believe.
Fall on your knees in prayer, pain, praise, agony, joy.
Fall into grace.
Fall in love.


Five Minute Friday