Lynne for FB
Many of you reading this blog know Lynne Baab personally. Some of you know her through her interviews here on my blog. Some of you have read her books. The woman is amazingly prolific: seven non-fiction books, two Bible studies and a novel in the past decade!

In addition to being a writer, Lynne is also a pastor and a lecturer in pastoral theology at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Her newest book is called Joy Together: Spiritual Practices for Your Congregation.

But the book isn’t just for pastors. It could just as easily be called Spiritual Practices for your Small Group. It’s a look at seven spiritual practices and how we as Christians can engage in them as a community, as the body of Christ, whether in a church-wide or small group setting.

I caught up with Lynne last week, and we chatted via email about her book.

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