It’s November, people—can you believe it? Me neither (or is it “me either”? I can never remember).

Here in Kimberlee-ville, November means book sale. You see, I have 800 copies of a certain book sitting in boxes in my basement.

I would love to have those books out in the world being read instead of moldering in a cinderblock room.

Since Advent begins in just over a month, now is the time when I start to peddle some books on the church year. Through the end of November, I’m offering them for half-price: $5 each, including shipping (unless you live outside the U.S, in which case we’ll have to talk).

Why, you might wonder, should you buy this book? Well, for one thing, it’s a steal of a deal. For another, I think Adele Calhoun was right. She said my book offers “a way forward for our time.” My book may not, but its subject does. The church year is a gift from God, a gift we often reject in this culture. I’d love to see us receive it with joy, recognizing it as a way forward, a way to embrace rather than fight against time. The church year is a circle not simply of seasons but of freedom. Living this countercultural calendar frees us from the tyranny of consumption and production that drains—and drowns—us.

I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Author, pastor, and blogger Winn Collier says, “If you want to breathe fresh air and drink in much grace, these beautifully crafted words offer you a feast.” (Wasn’t that kind of him?)

And Phyllis Tickle, compiler of The Divine Hours (books I love, by the way), says, my book is “a very accessible and enormously appealing overview of the Church’s liturgical year.” Enormously appealing, people!

Still skeptical? You can read more people’s opinions. Or you can read an excerpt. Or both.

If you already have a copy, thank you thank you thank you. If you don’t, well then, you really should take me up on this offer. And you can buy more than one (which, ahem, makes them even less expensive per book!). They’d make a great gift, especially at this time of year (not to mention this price; did I say five dollars? Or four dollars if you buy two books. Or three dollars if you buy five books. That’s cheaper than a double tall latte).

So if you’d like a little freedom (or if you just feel inclined to shrink the number of boxes of remaindered books in my basement), I would like to send you a copy of my book. Please know that your vote of confidence would be very encouraging to a certain insecure writer. Very, very encouraging. (But don’t feel any pressure or anything.)

Here’s the skinny:

Simply send me an email and let me know how many books you’d like, if and to whom you’d like me to inscribe them, and your mailing address.

You can pay me via PayPal (Kimberlee Conway Ireton) or if you prefer to send a check via snail mail, just let me know that in your email and I’ll send you my mailing address.

Prices are as follows:
1 copy: $5
2-4 copies (shipped to a single address): $4 each
5+ copies (shipped to a single address): $3 each

Let the book buying begin (please?).