The past three months, I’ve experimented with blogging three times a week. Professional bloggers blog five or six times a week. Alas, I am not a professional blogger. I am barely an amateur blogger. And I cannot sustain a three-posts-a-week pace.

So as of this week, I’m saying goodbye to my Thursday posts and am reverting to my twice-a-week posting schedule: every Tuesday, every Friday.

This has not been an easy decision to make. I love my Thursday posts. I love looking for things to be grateful for, knowing I will get to share them with you all and then encourage you to look for grace-gifts, too. I believe that as a Christian, my default stance should be one of gratitude and praise, and these posts help return me to that stance week after week.

But even after considering the joy and meaning I derive from writing those posts, I still come face to face with several other factors:

First, good writing takes time. And honestly, I think it takes more time for me than for many other writers. I think slowly. I process slowly. I write and rewrite and revise. All that takes time, and time is something I can’t create more of; I can only work with the 24 hours I’ve been given. And since I have four kids, am homeschooling two of them, and also running a household, I simply don’t have time to write three posts each week, and write all of them well.

Second, I am working on a book, which requires time, too. I basically had to choose between the blog and the book, and I chose the book because…

Third, I want to be able to dive deep, and blog posts, being short and rapid-fire, necessarily skim the surface. I am tired of snorkeling. I want to scuba dive. I want to focus on a subject and explore it in depth, to spend time—a lot of time—with it and let it really soak into me, so I can weave its essence into words. I can’t do that and keep up my current blog schedule.

Fourth, online reading encourages skimming and multitasking, both of which are antithetical to depth. And the more I write online, the more I read online, which makes my brain crave the sugar of new information rather than the meat of deep thought and reflection. In cutting back on my blog writing, I plan to also cut back on my blog reading and so give my brain a chance to re-fall in love with depth.

Finally, friends, I am honored and humbled that you come back again and again to hear what I have to say (thank you!), and I want to honor your time by saying good words well.

So, I am bidding my Thursday posts farewell, in the hope that letting them go will let me write my remaining posts better, and write my book well, too.

But I am not abandoning the gratitude posts. I will continue to invite you to give thanks. On Fridays, my posts will alternate between a giving-thanks post and my current Friday florilegium post (a book review, quote, or blog roundup). It’s not quite as alliterative to give thanks on Fridays, of course, but I figure God doesn’t care about the alliteration nearly as much as I do, and the important thing is to keep returning to Him with thanks and praise, regardless of the day.

It’s taken me well over a month to make this decision (I think slowly, remember?), but I believe it’s a good one, largely because I took the time I needed to make it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some other writing that needs my time.