Since it’s the last Friday of August, I’m linking to some of my favorite posts from this month, just to spread the blog love a bit, a gift of words from these writers to me—and now to you.

Liz over at Living Books Library makes a case for keeping books—and lots of them—in your home. (She even links to a scientific study that proves she’s got a valid point.) For those of us who don’t need such proof, it’s still a good reminder that books matter:

What a family values is readily apparent as soon as you step into their home….Whether books reside there, how much space they are given, and what kinds of books occupy that space is extremely revealing.”

There are actually three posts in this series. If you’re a bibliophile like me, you’ll want to read the latter two as well: a space for books and a place for books.


Kelly Sauer’s post on naming her homeschool has sparked my own imagination. I look forward to announcing the name of our homeschool (and some of this year’s curriculum) in the coming month…just because I think it’s fun.

Kelly also has some beautiful photos that you really ought to take a look at.


Here are five ways to draw your children closer to God by Jenae Jacobson (via Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience). In a nutshell: Pray for yourself. Pray with and for your kids. Memorize Scripture together. Make the Bible come to life for them. Practice concrete acts of kindness each day. (But you should really read the post for yourself.)


Ann Voskamp proclaims that goodness and mercy don’t just follow us; they pursue us, relentlessly. Beautiful and insightful words. If you only read one of these links, make it this one.


Finally, at the risk of coming off like a complete narcissist, I’m linking to my post last Friday at Tweetspeak because it was one of the most fun posts I’ve ever written (after the mouse trilogy, of course) and because I’m pretty dang proud of it. (Please forgive me if that sounds arrogant! I’m really just excited is all.)

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