“Mama,” Jane calls from the back of the minivan, “can you make up a poem?”

“A poem?” I ask.

“Yes. A poem about words. A poem that rhymes.”

I look out the window. Well, crap. A rhyming poem about words? “It might take me awhile,” I say.

“That’s okay, Mama. Whenever you’re ready.”

I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready.

Read the rest of today’s post over at Tweetspeak. (It’s got lots of great quotes, not to mention my rhyming poem about words. Fun times all around!)


Florilegium comes from two Latin words, meaning flower (flor) and gather (legere). Legere is closely related to the Latin word for reading (lectio). So a florilegium is literally a gathering of the flowers of reading: a collation of the best words, the best books.

I hope you’ll come by every Friday to gaze on some beautiful heart-mind-and-soul flowers. (And stop in at Susan’s, too, for another bouquet).