There are many who say, ‘O that we might see some good!
Let the light of your face shine on us, O Lord!’

You have put gladness in my heart
more than when their grain and wine abound.”

—Psalm 4:6-7

The…contrast [in Psalm 4] is between those who are perpetually asking God for what they do not have (v. 6) and those who are overwhelmed before God with what he has already given (v. 7). St. Francis de Sales divided the population similarly: the immature who are unhappy over what they don’t have, and the mature who are happy with what they do have.”

–Eugene Peterson, Answering God

Like the Psalmist, we too can have all the gladness of heart—and more!—as the wealthiest person on earth. All we have to do is see. See the good God is already doing. See the light of God’s face that is already shining on us. See the bountiful grace God is pouring out even now.

See with me this day?

2646. Toddler toes

2647. Ben’s impish smiles

2647. Luke’s turtle face and epic hair

2648. The sound of small bare feet slap-slap-slapping on fir floors.

2649. Reading to my children.

2650. A dance party in the kitchen!

2651. Six years of weekly story time with Miss Pamela at the Ballard Library.

2652. Ragged cotton clouds rimming the dome of summer blue sky.

2653. A good reminder to pay attention—and remember.

Your turn: What do you see today that you can thank God for?

Please list two (or three, or four—or 10!) things for which you’re grateful down in the comment box. Let’s lift up a hymn of grateful praise to the Giver of all good gifts!

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Linking today with Ann Voskamp, who inspired the gift list in the first place.