Yesterday was the Fourth of July—Independence Day here in the States. Today I thank God for the freedoms and privileges I enjoy simply because of the place and time in which I live.

2601. Clean water to drink

2602. A healthy, close-knit faith community

2603. Being able to gather in Jesus’ name without fear

2604. Electricity to run my appliances and computer

2605. My appliances and computer!

2606. Paved roads to drive on

2607. Views of the Sound and mountains

2608. Indoor plumbing

2609. Hot water from the tap—and the shower head

2610. Good food, and plenty of it

2611. Public parks to play in and explore

2612. Sidewalks to keep my kids safe off the streets

2613. Neighbors who let us play basketball in their driveway

2614. Fireworks, and the people who pay for such a spectacular show

2615. People like William Wilberforce and Harriet Tubman who believed so strongly in liberty that they fought the Powers That Be until liberty triumphed.

2616. People like Tim Burgess, Gary Haugen, and my friend Thomas Turner who fight human trafficking so that people here in Seattle and all over the world might enjoy the liberty I take for granted on a daily basis. May God give success to the work of their hands.

What are you thankful for?

Please list three or four (or ten!) things for which you’re grateful down in the comment box. Let’s lift up a hymn of grateful praise to the Giver of all good gifts!

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