Yes, I’m channelling my inner Leroy Ninker, friends. But I’m no thief. I’m a curator. That’s right. With Matthew Kreider, I now curate the weekly poetry round-up over at Tweetspeak Poetry. Here are a few of the goodies I wrassled up for this week’s rodeo:


Artful Girl by Claire Burge

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World’s coolest hotel rooms? That’s what the folks at Flavorwire claim. I confess I’m not so keen on the schizophrenic graffiti or the creepy vault at the bottom of a mine shaft, but you might tempt me to sleep in the glass igloo or the Kenyan glamp-out. And I’d definitely stay at the butterfly preserve.

What’s in a name? Well, it may be there’s a poem, or a piece of one. Publishers Weekly compiled a list of 12 famous book titles that find their origins in poetry.

News by Claire Burge

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Poetry goes to the Olympics, my friends. Alfred, Lord Tennyson will be there, along with five contemporary British poets, their words prominently displayed in the Olympic Park. The committee who made this decision deserves gold medals all around.

While poetry gets pride of place in London, it gets you imprisoned in China… Head on over to Tweetspeak if you’d like to read the rest.