Yes, friends, I wrote two posts today. It’s Epiphany, and I’ve been waiting for months to write a follow-up to the story I told in the Epiphany chapter of my book (that’s the other post), and it’s also the first Friday of the month, the first Friday of a new year.

Two years ago, I started counting gifts on first Fridays. How fitting that the tradition continues today, this day when Christians celebrate the coming of the Magi with their gifts.

Here on Epiphany, I remember a few of December’s many moments of wonder and love, gifts of grace from the endless Giver:

2311. Jack: “I love Ben’s swirly hair. It makes his head look like a cinnamon bun.”

2312. The Godly Play gathering at Julia’s: good conversation, rich silence, awe, and worship.

2313. Clear sky: stars!

2314. And Jupiter – all month he’s been shining in the eastern sky – glorious.

2315. Full moon, bright and white and beautiful.

2316. Taking photos of the neighbor’s Christmas lights last night.

2317. The last leaves of a birch, like gold coins glinting in the sunlight.

2318. Dark clouds in the west, a band of blue hovering on the horizon.

2319. Sunshine on the solstice.

2320. Ben’s sweet babbling: “dadadada-doodoodoo-dadadoo”

2321. Luke’s happy shrieks.

2322. His even happier laugh.

2323. Tawny peeling bark of madrona trees.

2324. Reading One Wintry Night with the kids.

2325. Sleeping babies.

2326. Library today.

2327. Playtime at the park.

2328. Ben’s delighted face as he chased pigeons at the park.

2329. Beauty in brown leaves, fallen and curled, at the base of a young birch.

2330. Taize at St. James: the music, the silence, the candlelight and poinsettias and paperwhites.

2337. Starfall in the sanctuary.

2338. Watching Doug chase Jane across Kerry Park.

2339. Christmas tree-topped Space Needle.

2340. Doug – always, in every way.

2341. Wrapping the kids’ presents this morning.

2342. Tomorrow is Christmas!

2343. Red berries bright against a gray day.

2344. A hand-written letter from a friend.

2345. A quiet moment in the car.

2346. Tea with a friend.

2347. Emmanuel – the Best Gift Ever.


For what, in this new year, are you grateful?


Photo of starfall in the sanctuary taken by Doug Ireton via Instagram