Most of you know (or if you didn’t, you probably guessed) that I love books. I love the feel of the pages, the crisp black of type on white paper, and the journey of discovery from cover to cover.

Unfortunately, our house is tiny. I only have room for one bookcase for my books and three additional shelves of kids’ books. I also have two large bins of books in the basement that won’t fit on the shelves upstairs.

For a bibliophile, this really isn’t that many books. Not nearly enough to satiate me and my book-loving children.

Hence, the library.

Every Friday, the kids and I go to the Ballard Library. We’ve been making this weekly pilgrimage since Jack was two. The day has changed over the years, but the destination has not. Nor has the big basket of library books that sits in the living room.

The library has allowed our space-challenged family to read countless fairy tales, picture books, science books, history books, novels, and Bible stories that we simply don’t have room to own.

It’s also afforded us access to out-of-print books that we can’t find anywhere else (and couldn’t afford even if we found them).

Though we primarily use the library for books, we’ve also checked out magazines, books-on-CD, and movies. And for a number of years, library story time was a part of our weekly rhythm, and it will be again once the boys are a little older.

As a token of thanks for the many ways the Seattle Public Library has enriched our family’s life, I am participating in Jennifer Hubbard’s Library-Lovin’-Challenge, a fundraiser for libraries.

Here’s how you can help raise money for libraries across the country:

1. Leave a comment on this post. For every comment (only one per person, please) between now and April 7, I’ll donate a dollar to the Seattle Public Library, up to $50.

2. Email a link to this post to your library-loving friends and ask them to leave a comment.

3. Visit Jennifer’s site and leave comments on the blogs she lists.

4. Make a contribution. If you’d like to donate to the Seattle Public Library – or your local library – just leave a comment letting me know the name of your library system and the amount of your pledge. Every little bit will help!

Thank you, friends, for your comments in support of free books for all. Here’s to libraries!