Today’s post is adapted from an article I wrote last month for my church newsletter.

I had twins in July.

Five months into this adventure, I am very, very tired. I feel like I am wandering around in a fog; there’s a sort of haze around my brain that makes me feel like it’s wrapped in gauze.

I am waiting—eagerly longing—for the day when the twins sleep through the night. Or, more accurately, for the day when I sleep through the night. I am hoping that a couple weeks of good sleep will remove the gauze from the inside of my skull.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my longing for this future day that I miss the good stuff that’s happening in my life right now. Sometimes I forget to give thanks for the goodness of my life as it is. Sometimes I get frustrated, even angry, that I am so tired. Sometimes I think the tiredness will never end.

Sometimes I get tired of waiting.

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