I have noticed an odd phenomenon: when people find out I’m pregnant with twins, I’m suddenly a much more interesting person.

Their faces light up, they want to talk to me longer, they want to know if twins run in our family (they do now), if we planned this (how do you “plan” twins?), whether they’re boys or girls (boys), whether they’re identical (we don’t know yet), and what we’re going to name them (we’re not telling).

But even though we’re not telling their real names, I thought, since folks seem to want to know, that I’d spill some of the names that have been suggested. My sister has been the most helpful in this regard:

Jen: We came up with names for the boys. I am officially submitting my request for Linus and Archibald.

Doug: Over my dead body.

Jen: Will you go for Luke and Han?

Me: I was thinking Bo and Luke. Or Hans and Franz.

Jen: Edward and Jacob?

Me: I’ve never even read Twilight. If we’re going to go the romantic hero route, I prefer Darcy and Bingley.

Doug: Over my dead body.

Me: You keep saying that. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Jen: Ohhh, go with Charles and Fitzwilliam. No, wait. Doug will see through that. How about Charles and William? They’re both family names, so that’s a plus; you could totally play that angle. (At least Will wouldn’t have my last name: Will Barrow. That’s just cruel.)

At our home group last Thursday, we got these useful suggestions:

Me: Doug’s mother thinks since we already have two kids named John we should just go with it. She suggested Juan and Ian.

John: Juan? Really? I think your white baby will look more like a Johann.

Cindy: Or if he has Doug’s coloring, maybe a Gianni?

Me (oblivious to the fact that others are speaking): I actually like the name Ian, but Ian Ireton sounds like a super hero’s day name.

Sprague: You should name them Clark and Kent!

Burke: Peter and Parker!

John: Bruce and Wayne!

And it continued to devolve:

Sprague: Starsky and Hutch!

Burke: Simon and Simon!

Doug: Darrell and Darrell!

Awesome. I can just hear Jack introducing himself: “Hi, I’m Jack, and this is my brother Darrell—and my other brother Darrell.”

Anyone else care to weigh in?