Because on Good Friday, of all days, we should count our many blessings…

555. I found $1.05 in change in my purse and car yesterday – just enough to pay for parking during my midwife appointment!

560. Sunshine.

563. A safe, uneventful flight from Seattle to LA. And an equally uneventful drive from LA to Bakersfield.

564. Being home with my parents.

565. And my sister.

576. God’s promises to us through the prophet Isaiah: so many words of reassurance, comfort, consolation; and through it all, the constant reminder that God was with the people – and is with us now.

588. I played three games of Shanghai Rummy with my fam on this trip – and I won all three…which makes me the new reigning Queen. Woot!

589. Watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice with my parents. My mother’s expressive face heightened my enjoyment of the movie, and my dad’s identification with Mr. Darcy opened up new insights into both their characters.

592. Safe travel to Troncones (Mexico) and our gorgeous room overlooking the ocean.

597. Home.

603. Ink for my pen. I ran out in Mexico.

613. My dishwasher. We had to handwash dishes at my parents’ house, and I’m so grateful I don’t have to do that here at home!

626. A trip to the library for new books to read.

642. The cup of tears Jesus drank for me, my children, everyone I love – because He loves them (and me) far more than I ever could.